Cancerversary: October 1987

Age at diagnosis: 20

Diagnosis: Cervical cancer (unspecified)

Stage of cancer: II

How my story begins: Before my diagnosis, I was a college student. Then, on May 30, 1987 I went into early labor. The labor couldn't be stopped so my daughter was born 2 months premature. Even with frequent trips back to my gynecologist, the tumor was never discovered. They assumed that my cervix did not go back into place. But apparently, during the delivery, my daughter pushed the tumor to the side of my cervix.

How I felt after diagnosis: After 3 months, the tumor finally hemorrhaged and I had to be rushed to the ER. After an exam, the tumor was discovered. I spent 5 days in the hospital to stop my cycle and for the doctors to decide what they needed to do since I was so young.

Telling my family and friends: My mother was by my side when I was told in the ER.

My treatment: One month later, I received a radical hysterectomy, radiation and chemo.

How I felt after treatment: Radiation was not a problem, but chemo made me deathly ill.

What was most difficult for me: Knowing that if it was caught earlier that there would have been a possibility for my daughter to have survived. Mourning her death and realizing that I would not be able to have more kids.

My life after cancer: Life after cancer is great. I finally found out that the radiation caused some issues, but I am learning how to deal with them.

Where I am today: I finally finished school. I am loving my life and enjoying my 16 year old son.