January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) was established to help raise awareness about the importance of HPV vaccination, prevention, screening and early detection.

At Cervivor we make noise all year, but we seriously crank up our volume in January. We don’t just aim for “awareness,” we aim to END cervical cancer. We are the voice and face of cervical cancer, and we put ourselves front and center so that the disease cannot be ignored or stigmatized.

This is our month! Let’s make some noise!

This January, let’s leverage the power of our voice and experience to ensure that women understand what they need to do to protect themselves. Importantly, let’s make sure that they translate that understanding into action: vaccination, screening, and well-woman visits! Together, we can be generation to end cervical cancer.

What Can You Do During CCAM?

There are opportunities big and small! You can:

  • Share on social media (see our “Let’s Make Some Noise” social media toolkit)
  • Share videos from our Cervivor TV channel
  • Plan a Meet Up of cervical cancer survivors in your area
  • Wear a Cervivor t-shirt to kick-start conversations
  • Organize a “Wear Teal & White Day” at your work
  • Reach out to local press to encourage them to write about cervical cancer prevention and screening during the month of January, with yourself as the spokesperson
  • Donate to or fundraise for Cervivor

Make Some Noise: Social Media Toolkit   

Help us drive CCAM conversation! As we enter a new decade, we cannot and will not be silent about cervical cancer. Our power is in our stories, our voices, and – during CCAM – in our social media reach. We make it easy to make a social media splash with a Cervivor CCAM toolkit that contains:

  1. High impact CCAM graphics to upload to your social media feed
  2. Pre-written social media posts to make sure you have plenty to talk about, all month long.
  3. “Twibbons” and “Facebook Frames” that enable you to place CCAM messages atop of your profile picture on your social media accounts
  4. CCAM hand-held educational “selfie signs” to print, take photos with, and share over social media

Download the toolkit here.


Download these graphics (hold your cursor over, right click, then select “save as”, or grab these from our Facebook photos page.



When you do post on social me, please be sure to use one – or all – of the following hashtags to connect your posts to the larger CCAM conversation:

  • #Cervivor
  • #EndCervicalCancer
  • #CervicalCancerAwareness
  • #CervicalCancerMonth
  • #WeAreCervivor
  • #CCAM
  • #IamCervivor
  • #endSTIgma
  • #StirrupStories
  • #StrongerTogether

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