Welcome to Survivor Slimdown!

As cancer survivors we have undergone an intense battle with the disease. We have fought for our lives, but for many the life we have returned to is surprisingly unhealthy.

Fatigue. Weaker immune system. Obesity.

This is the plight of many of us. Our minds and bodies are broken down and left shattered and weak. Survivor Slimdown is a place for us to challenge our mind, body, and spirt to live our BEST life. We have fought cancer and we are going to fight like hell to win this war on health!

Survivor Slimdown is an online space for all cancer survivors of all cancer types. You can expect:

*Monthly Challenges.
*Daily Motivation.
*Accountability from Others.
*Education from our Certified Wellness Instructor.
Meet the Cervivor Wellness Advisor, Patti Murillo-Casa.

Patti is a retired NYPD police officer and an 12 year cervical cancer survivor. She resides in NYC with her husband of 21 years where she’s a Group Fitness Instructor and a Health Advocate. Read more about Patti’s weight loss journey here

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