Location: Texas

Cancerversary: November 2020

Age at diagnosis: 49

Diagnosis: Cervical cancer (unspecified)

Stage of cancer: IV

How my story begins: My story begin when I was suffering with heavy bleeding and severe back pains for months. I finally went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with fibrosis tumors and the doctor told me it was very common in black woman and my age. Then, 2 months after being diagnosed with fibrosis tumors I start leaking from my vagina, so I rush to the ER. The doctor at the ER did MRI and found a tumor in my cervix. He said the 2 fibrosis tumors were sitting on the tumor so that's why they probably were missing it. He sent me to gynecologist so I can get biopsy done and CT scan. My biopsy came back positive for cervical cancer. The doctor scheduled me for full hysterectomy a month later.

Life before my diagnosis: My life before diagnosis was wonderful. I was thriving at working and enjoying my two grandchildren and family.

How I felt after diagnosis: Omg! I will never forget the day I found out I had cervical cancer. It was during COVID, so I had to go to my appointment to get my results by myself. It was November 17, 2020 and that was the scariest day of my life. For the first 6 months I could not even say the word, "cancer".

Telling my family and friends: I called my sister on my way home leaving the doctor's office. I called my sister Lisa first because I knew she would know what to say to calm my fears and anxiety.

My treatment: I had to go through radiation and chemotherapy pills.

How I felt after treatment: I took a physical beating going through treatment it was so hard on my body.

What was most difficult for me: The most difficult part for me is the financial burden. I lost everything battling cancer.

What I did to help myself: What I did to help myself was that no matter how bad it got I kept praying and fighting.

My life after cancer: I am still battling cancer, but the battle has got so much better.

Where I am today: I am grateful today.

What I want other women to know: That you are not alone.

How I will try to help others: How I will try to help others is stay on top of your yearly check ups and listen to your body.