Cancerversary: Month Year

Age at diagnosis: 37

Diagnosis: Cervical cancer (unspecified)

Stage of cancer: IV

How my story begins: I live a simple life but full of adventure, because i love nature. I used to climb mountains, go caving & diving. I'm one of the rescuers of our town & I work at the local government unit.

November 13, 2015 was the darkest & scariest nightmare of my life after I received my lab results - cervical & ovarian cancer stage 4b. Wow!!! Am I that bad? Why did God let this happen to me? Why? Why? Why?

How I felt after diagnosis: So many questions & mixed emotions. I wanted to die right after because i didn't want my kids to see me in my weakest point. But i also want to prolong my life since they are still so young to be left alone.

Telling my family and friends: I kept it secret - just between my hubby & me - until I could no longer take the pain. I couldn't walk nor breathe properly.

My treatment: I underwent surgery and did homeopathic and alternative treatments. I refused to do radiation because my body can't bear it but I did have my first session of chemo.

How I felt after treatment: I felt relieved, no more pain. I'm in good shape now, but i still do my organic & natural healthy lifestyle.

What was most difficult for me: Accepting that my life was totally different from what it was before...

What I did to help myself: P- pray
U- until
S- something
H- happens

Prayer is my best medicine. I also have a healthy lifestyle and live a stress-free life.

My life after cancer: Stress-free & I feel I'm closer to God than before...

What I want other women to know: I want them to know that cervical cancer is a silent killer. We have to visit our doctors regularly, be cautious in everything we put in our body, especially cosmetics, fragrances & toiletries. Eat right, exercise daily & pray always for a stress free life...