Location: Nevada

Cancerversary: June 2021

Age at diagnosis: 34

Diagnosis: Endocervical adenocarcinoma

Stage of cancer: I

How my story begins: My latest Pap was in 2017 and was told by my PCP that insurance would allow another in 3 years. Fast forward to 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, searching for a new OB/GYN, going through an abnormal pap, colposcopy and then getting referred out to an oncologist on April Fool's Day 2021 (of all days!). LEEP and hysterectomy later, I was clinically NED June 2021.

Life before my diagnosis: Thriving Higher Education professional with 3 furbabies at any given time. Life seemed to be going in the right direction and luckily remains in the same direction except for more doctor appointments and days off work.

How I felt after diagnosis: A little disjointed; we were going through a mold-home-renovation and my husband had caught COVID. I kept questioning what else was the universe going to throw at me.

Telling my family and friends: The first person I called was my husband, crying through the entire call and then called my sister. I asked if she could tell my parents (whom live with me) and I went home and began making a list of who I needed to tell.

My treatment: A LEEP was done to confirm the abnormal cells, then the decision was a total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingoectomy and lymph node dissection. I kept my ovaries, but in November 2022 got diagnosed with cysts (5.4cm lime anyone?) and got the right ovary removed in December.

What I did to help myself: Dark humor, memes, finding other cervical cancer patients through social media and finding Cervivor on Instagram :)

Where I am today: At this very moment, I am recovering from my right oophrectomy and waiting on pathology to see if anything cancerous was found on the one side.

What I want other women to know: You're not alone and to make sure you're tested and checked upon. Listen to your body and you don't always have to be strong.

How I will try to help others: Encouraging others to get their check-ups, make sure their insurance is in proper order.