Location: New York

Cancerversary: January

Age at diagnosis: 32

Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma

Stage of cancer: III

Cervivor School Graduation: 2023

How my story begins: The way I found out I had cancer was when started bleeding, which I thought it was just my period. The bleeding was getting worst so I knew something was up. I started getting these big blood clots and I was so embarrassed because I asked to go home from work as my whole pants were destroyed; I work as a landscaper so I was outside when this happen.

I decided to go to urgent care where they weren't sure what the problem was. I mentioned I was also having leakage and my back was hurting and they thought it was a UTI and gave me medicine. But the bleeding continued and I called back and they said I might want to go to an OBGYN.

I got into the women's clinic where I had a pelvic exam and the doctor told me she felt something strange and had another doctor come in to look at it. At this point I knew something was up and I didn't know what it was and waiting for an answer was killing me. The back pain was getting worst and I went back to the ER to see if they could help but the bleeding slowed down at that time and they couldn't really do anything and said to just wait for the results from the doctor.

Life before my diagnosis: I have a husband and a beautiful little daughter.

How I felt after diagnosis: When I got the call from the doctor it was cervical cancer my heart dropped. I, of course, Googled it to look up the pros and cons. I immediately told my best friend and she tried to calm me down.

Telling my family and friends: Telling my husband the news will forever be in my memory because it was so hard to get the words out of my mouth. Once I did you could tell he was holding back tears, taking a breath and telling me that whatever was next that we would get through it together.

My treatment: I was told I had stage 3 so I had radiation 5 days a week with a total of 30, and chemo 1 day a week of cisplatin and then 5 internal radiation sessions.

How I felt after treatment: I felt a sense of relief that it was over and the back pain and the bleeding stopped. I still had side effects and always feeling tired. I know I had a long road ahead of me but I knew I wasn't feeling helpless anymore.

What was most difficult for me: The most difficult part of it was the wait; waiting for treatment to start. I felt so lost, and if I had to wait any longer things would get worst than they were. Sitting at home waiting to feel better because I wasn't working at the time I was going through treatments.

Also, the look on my daughter eyes; she was only a year and a half so she didn't understand but the sad look in her eyes when she wanted me to hold her or keep getting up to help her but I was too weak and tired, that was just devastating to me.

What I did to help myself: What helped was surrounding myself with family. My husband or my mom would take me to treatments and we would get up and go keep the routine to get through this as smooth as possible. What definitely helped were the doctors and nurses at the hospital; they were always so friendly and nice which always had me laugh. I felt they really cared.

My life after cancer: Well I'm still amazed its been a year after I finished treatment and I make sure I keep up on my doctors appointments still. I'm back to work and feel like I have my energy back. I know I'm not completely the same but I feel back to normal as I can be.

Where I am today: I am working and living life. Playing with my daughter who's now three and just happy with my family.

What I want other women to know: That your health is important. There is someone out there that can help and knows what you're going through. Be sure to listen to your instincts if something doesn't feel right.

How I will try to help others: I would love to help others by sharing my experience to hopefully help someone get through their cancer journey. I know it can be sad and lonely even when you have support but sometimes your support doesn't understand what you're going through.