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During an online seminar Cervivor hosted in April 2020, Felder met Ginny Marable, a fellow cervical-cancer survivor. The 36-year-old human-resource director listened as Felder spoke about “burying” her hope of having kids. “I was very moved by Tamika’s story,” Marable said. “She wasn’t really given the choice to preserve her fertility.”

Marable, who married Sean in November 2018, was thrilled at the prospect of being a mom when doctors thawed one of the couple’s frozen embryos. The fetus split and their gestational carrier gave birth to identical twins in March 2021. Marable and her husband felt that their own family was complete but wondered what to do with the remaining four embryos. It didn’t take long for Marable to find a solution: She offered them to her friend.

Tamika Felder’s path to parenthood came true thanks to a series of generous acts from people she’d never met in person — including a couple who donated frozen embryos and a fertility expert who secured free services. “It was the most personal and beautiful gift I’ve ever been given,” Felder said.

Read more of the story behind the Cervivor Baby Gift Fund: People Magazine and Business Insider.

Provide hope and assistance on the journey to parenthood by donating to the Virginia “Ginny” Marable Cervivor Baby Gift Fund!

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