Your Reminder to Love Yourself – Today and Always

Valentine’s Day, like many holidays, is not always sweet for cancer survivors.

It can serve as a reminder of what we’ve been through, and sometimes that’s painful to look at. Add to this the feeling of love being far-off or nonexistent in our life, and we may just want to skip Valentine’s Day altogether.

This year, let February 14 be a day of love to yourself and others, a day that begins a new way of life where love is celebrated every day.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, it’s a day to spread love and enjoy life’s pleasures. Recognize and celebrate all that you’ve been through, all that you’ve survived, and all that is coming to you. It is a day for gratitude for the love that is already in your life.

IMG_3012cWhen Patti was going through her cancer diagnosis and treatment, her husband Freddie stayed by her side, offering love, guidance, and support. Without him, her experience would have been much more difficult.

While cancer can be as hard on our partners as it is on us, we may sometimes forget how grateful we are for their presence and how much their love meant to us during those trying times. This is a great day to tell them how very much they mean to us.

Those of us without partners may be feeling unloveable, as if no one will ever accept us or love us for who we really are. We may feel broken, ashamed, or hopeless, but we must not give up on love.

IMG_3279cAfter going through my own experience with cancer, I didn’t think anyone could accept and love me, especially knowing that I couldn’t have children. Although I was extremely thankful for the support of my friends and family during my diagnosis and treatment, I am also grateful for my husband Rocky, who came into my life after cancer.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, you deserve all the love that you crave. Treat yourself. Love yourself. Celebrate with those who have always been in your corner. And know that no matter what you’re going through, or where you’ve been, you are always lovable. That will never change.

Cyber hugs and love,

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