Hard Words To Hear, Even Harder To Accept

“You are one of the lucky ones.”

Those words are hard to hear and probably even harder to accept. If you’re anything like me (and I bet you are), you’re ready to give me a piece of your mind, click off this blog, or even throw something at this screen.

You certainly don’t feel like the ‘lucky one’. Sometimes you can’t even remember the girl or woman you were before those dreaded words “You have cancer”. You struggle with pain, fear, doubt, insecurity, maybe even infertility and a whole host of other things. I bet you’re thinking, “LUCKY? HA, if this is luck, you can keep it!” 

The truth is all those feeling are normal, natural, and hard to move beyond. They can paralyze us, stealing the joy from our lives and our relationships. Think about it for a minute.

How do I know what you might be thinking? Because I am one of you: A ‘lucky’ one! I too am a survivor. 

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Overcome the Fear and Turn It Into a Gift of Service

Are you feeling stuck in your current life? Isolated and alone?

While it’s certainly not pleasant, it is common to feel this way when experiencing cancer and cancer treatment.

If you can identify with these feelings, check out this episode of Cervivor TV with April Capil where we talk about getting unstuck – and how to turn lemons into lemonade.


In the comments below, tell us: How do you get unstuck? What can you do to turn your experience into a gift of service?