Recap from National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day 2021 has come and gone. It was a day we chose to celebrate everything that Cervivor is and stands for. We shared various facts across all of our social media platforms and even highlighted leaders and voices within our community.

A Letter from Our Founder

Hello Cervivor Community!

Today is not only Teal and White Tuesday, but also National Nonprofit Day! That makes it super awesome. I love any reason to shine a light on our community and our cause. When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, I felt like something was missing. So, I created what I wish I had. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how this little idea would grow into a global community. Today, I hope you celebrate with me and take time to reflect on who we are and what we represent. I am in awe of this mighty and impactful organization. 

If you are following us on social media; and if you are not, you should be! Join us all day as we share a little of our backstory and some exciting plans for the future. Also, check out one of my favorite videos that gives you an inside look into our organization. And this article from Cure Today Magazine that highlights a vow I made to the cervical cancer community. 

Lastly, however you’ve come to be a part of this community, I want to take a moment and thank you for being here. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. You have my heart. If you are able, please consider making a donation or visit our Cervivor shop today. 

Warmest regards, 

Tamika Felder
20-Year Cervical Cancer Survivor aka #cervivor
Chief Visionary, Cervivor, Inc.

Who We Are, What We Do

Cervical cancer can be isolating and can often carry a stigma. Our mission is to empower those who have been impacted by cervical cancer; to educate them with the latest facts from the cervical cancer world through our signature patient advocacy retreat Cervivor School, and to motivate them to use their voices for creating awareness to end stigma.

Voices from Our Community

Chellese shares, “Cervivor was something I didn’t know I needed. It’s really so much, I don’t even think I could put into words. It’s about the sense of community with your Cervivor sisters, having the tools you need to be a good advocate, and learning how to deal with stress. So much of what I needed was here and I’m so grateful to have had this experience.”

Kristine says, “Cervivor is a community where you don’t feel alone. It’s a safe place to ask questions and share your thoughts. We share a commonality whether we are/were diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition, diagnosed with cervical cancer, being a caregiver, or supportive friend and it puts perspective on how precious life is and how we live through survivorship.

And Natasha states, “I will advocate for the HPV vaccine. I will provide support to the women I’ve met online who are diagnosed with cervical cancer.”

We Welcome Our Newest Program

We are so excited to be announcing the launch of our Comfort Care and Compassion Program! A cervical cancer diagnosis is devastating and has complex layers like shame and stigma attached to it. This program was developed to support those facing a cervical cancer diagnosis or a recurrence to let them know they are never alone.

The CCC Program has three components: A chemo care bag for those newly diagnosed and in active treatment; a card program with handwritten cards from cervical cancer survivors in our community, and a pin program to celebrate survivorship milestones. To find out more, please visit our website.

Support Our Work

None of this work could be possible without donations from generous donors and sponsors like you! We believe in collaborative work. We believe with our community and community partners working side-by-side that we will be able to shift the narrative on HPV and cervical cancer. We know we will increase awareness of cancer screenings and prevention, and we believe that ending cervical cancer is within our reach. Please make a donation today through our website and support our global initiative to end cervical cancer once and for all.

Welcome to the Clinical Trial Round Up!

It is an exciting time for science and cervical cancer! There have been limited treatments for cervical cancer for several years but now we are seeing more clinical trials opening especially for metastatic and recurrent cervical cancer patients. If you have information on a clinical trial that you would like us to include, please email us at [email protected].

innovaTV 301 – GOG 3057

The innovaTV 301 study is testing a study drug, tisotumab vedotin, for people with cervical cancer that has spread or has come back after treatment. During the study, participants will receive either the study drug or chemotherapy treatment for cervical cancer. This study drug works in a new way and is designed to target cervical cancer cells.

Visit their website here.

E7 TCR T Cells for Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cancers

Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical, throat, anal, and genital cancers. Cancers caused by HPV have a HPV protein called E7 inside of their cells. In this new therapy, researchers take a person’s blood, remove certain white blood cells, and insert genes that make them to target cancer cells that have the E7 protein. The genetically changed cells, called E7 TCR cells, are then given back to the person to fight the cancer.

Find out more here.


portrait of sportswoman standing in the the fields at sunrise

This Phase 1 clinical trial of RTX-321 for the treatment of HPV 16-associated cancers is an open label, multicenter, multidose, first-in-human dose escalation and expansion study designed to evaluate whether RTX-321 is tolerated, how much RTX-321 needs to be given, how often it should be given and if RTX-321 has anti-tumor activity against the cancer.

The trial is also assessing the pharmacodynamic effects of RTX-321 as measured by changes in number of CD8+ T-cells relative to baseline.

Visit their website to learn more.

Phase I & II Clinical Trial Resource

Mary Crowley Cancer Research is a specialized clinical research center that offers access to new investigational therapies through the administration of Phase I and II clinical trials. 

  • Personalized approach to cancer research
  • Clinical trials are matched to molecular information found within each cancer patient
  • Qualified Physician Investigators add to the understanding of what drives cancer and create innovative research applications that attack these drivers
  • Patient-centric focus brings the newest clinical trial options to patients at a rapid pace

Visit their website to view current Phase I and II clinical trial opportunities.

Join us for an upcoming event over clinical trials!

Don’t miss out on learning more about clinical trials and the patient experience! Join us for a collaborative event with SQZ Biotechnologies! You’ll hear the latest on cervical cancer and clinical trials from the first-hand experiences of an SQZ researcher as well as a patient focused panel. 

Register today!