Episode 8: The N.E.D. Band

So, what does a rock band have to do with cervical cancer? Well, what would you think of a rock band made up of gynecologic oncology surgeons who are working to bring awareness to cancers “below the belt,” including cervical cancer? That’s what N.E.D. (which stands for No Evidence of Disease – the words every cancer patient wants to hear) is all about. These 6 surgeons have turned their knowledge and music into a powerful awareness movement.  This is a band with a mission! Pretty cool, isn’t it

Episode 7: Marci Bono

Marci Bono is a 6-year cervical cancer survivor who emerged from cancer as a happier, more fulfilled person!  She also has become involved with N.E.D the Band (N.E.D. stands for No Evidence of Disease) and helps promote them and their music around the country.  Hear from Marci how she has found happiness after cancer!