A Busy Month for Cervivor: Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout September, we worked hard to increase awareness around HPV and cervical cancer. From social media campaigns to radio and television appearances to Cervivor School and the NYC Pap Rally and Run, our efforts have been getting more women and men involved in the cause.

Our first Booster campaign, where Cervivor t-shirts were available for sale for $20, helped raise over $500 to support Cervivor. We also ran a social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where a series of infographics highlighted important facts about HPV, cervical cancer and women’s health. You can help share these facts with your friends and followers by helping us grow instagram followers on our accounts. You can do this by – using the hashtags #GCAM, #gyncsm, and #preventcc to find and share these facts.

The month culminated with a weekend in New York City. On Saturday, September 27th, over 100 women, men and children participated in the PAP Rally and Run, Cervivor’s signature 5k walk and run. Jacque Reid, host of New York Live on NBC emceed the event, and over $10,000 was raised to help end cervical cancer.

After the PAP Rally and Run, graduates of the January 2014 Cervivor School were invited to a screening of the documentary “Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic.” This film follows the stories of five women whose lives were changed forever by cervical cancer. Cervivor’s founder, Tamika Felder, is one of the women featured in the film. The stories of these women reflected those of the women watching. The film stirred up strong emotions: the heartbreak and loss that can accompany a battle with cancer, as well as the strength, love and joy that survival can bring. The team at Cervivor will continue to provide updates about the film and how you can arrange a screening in your city.

Be on the lookout for ongoing projects, as well as some exciting new initiatives in January 2015, Cervical Cancer Awareness Month! For more information on how you can be a part of Cervivor, please visit www.Cervivor.org.

One thought on “A Busy Month for Cervivor: Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Hello- I am a cervical cancer survivor, stage II b. I started The Hicks Foundation up in Burlington Vermont, where were offer Free Cancer and HPV screening.

    I really would like to join and partner with this group. I know Tamika and Michelle very well and love this group.

    Please keep me involved.

    Allison Hicks

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