National Women’s Health Week

May 14-May 19 Cervivor will be celebrating the 19th National Women’s Health Week, as declared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

NWHW is a time when many women are reminded to prioritize their health, schedule screenings, and recommit to a healthy lifestyle. We will be posting articles, blogs, and tips throughout this week to help women in our community and beyond, get on track with their wellness and of course to stay on top of cervical health!

We would like to kick off #NWHW by sharing the recommendations for cervical cancer screening:

  1. Begin getting Pap tests at age 21. Continue getting Pap tests every 3 years through age 29.
  2. When you reach age 30, the preferred method of testing is an HPV test along with your Pap test. Get both tests together every 5 years. Screening with the Pap test alone is also an acceptable option.
  3. Based on new guidance from professional medical organizations, your healthcare provider now has the option to screen you with an HPV test first starting at age 25, followed by additional tests if needed.
  4. And ALWAYS remember to schedule your ANNUAL WELL WOMAN visit!

Stay tuned this week for more tips on women’s health and wellness! Happy National Women’s Health Week!

For more info on cervical health and screening visit our website here.