Top Five Wins from Cervivor School 2015

We are much stronger together than we are apart.

That’s why our main goal here at is to bring together cervical cancer survivors and advocates from all over the globe.

Through research, story-telling, and community advocacy, we can help eradicate cervical cancer and change the future of women’s health. The best way we do this? Our live events, which happen only a few times per year.

In September 2015, we gather in San Diego, California for Cervivor School, a live 4-day event with expert speakers on the topics of scientific research, media, health-care, therapy, and more.


The feedback from our last round of Cervivor Schools has been so wonderful, we decided to poll the attendants to find out what made Cervivor School so awesome. It was a tough call with so many amazing moments, but here they are: the Top Five Wins from Cervivor School:

1. Learning about the different types of HPV and how it becomes cervical cancer.

Understanding the basics around HPV and cervical cancer is essential to healing, treatment, and recovery. This is the perfect space to ask questions, share your experiences, and hear from others in a safe, supportive environment.

2. Dispelling the myths around HPV and the HPV vaccine

Learn the truth about HPV and the HPV vaccine. Find out what you need to know to protect your family and your health. Become an advocate for the community by combatting false perceptions.

3. Understanding the long-term effects and letting go of the stigma

Cancer doesn’t just go away, and learning to live with the after-effects of cancer can be challenging. Not to mention the stigma of cervical cancer. Discover how you can thrive within this new normal.

4. How to own your survivorship and do something more with your story

Surviving cancer is a pretty big deal. Find out how to share your story in an authentic, empowering way so other people can benefit from what you’ve been through. Don’t let these lessons end with you!

5. Sisterhood! A completely different kind of support network, with people who really understand what you’ve been through

Community and relationship-building is a natural side effect of Cervivor School. Once you begin sharing your story in a powerful and compelling way, you’ll realize just how many people connect with what you’ve been through. You won’t find sisterhood like this anywhere else.

cervivor-school-rgb-01Craving this transformational experience for yourself? Join us for Cervivor School West, September 24 to September 27, 2015 in San Diego, California.

No matter what you’ve been through or where you’re heading, Cervivor School will help you navigate next steps with ease, confidence, and clarity.

This is your opportunity to learn, grow, heal, and connect with other people in the cervical cancer community. We are here for you, stronger together than we are apart.

Register here for Cervivor School West.

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