Facing Mortality

I meet many strong women through this organization, and Erica Frazier Stum is no exception. While at Cervivor School two weeks ago in San Diego, Erica was fighting off fevers and was not feeling well overall and she never missed a beat.

She recently wrote about facing her own mortality, which is something many of you have faced or are facing right now. I hope you are as inspired by Erica’s words as I was.


1075677I should precaution you, this isn’t like any post I’ve had before.  This isn’t my normal “positive cancer post”.  This is a raw, unfiltered, real post.  This is the type of post most cancer patients keep neatly stored in his/her head and might not even bring out in a safe cancer support group.  Yet, here it is.  This will be hard to read if you know me personally.  This might be hard to read if you don’t know me personally but continue to follow my story.

This post is hard to hear because it deals with mortality.  It might bring up fears you have had for me that I have never really acknowledged.  I don’t write this lightly.  I know many of my readers, I am your wife, mother (once Wylee is old enough to read this story, if he chooses), daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, co-worker, friend.  I know this is scary.  I know it is something no one wants to talk about.  Yet, I need to talk about it.

Read Erica’s full post.

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