We Cried, We Bonded: Cervivor School West Recap

2015-09-25 15.01.29Anyone who attended Cervivor School West last weekend will probably tell you that it changed their life. Words really cannot express the bonding that occurred. Most that attended likely left with new best friends for life.

We’ve all had different experiences, but loss is universal. If you weren’t able to attend Cervivor School in San Diego, we hope to see you around the country or around the globe in the near future.

We know we’ve been posting the Cervivor School West recap video like crazy, but it truly captures the feeling of the weekend. You can also find a photo gallery on Facebook and more videos of our speakers on Instagram.

We love you Cervivor Sisters!



The Graduates …

2015-09-29 11.02.19

Our next Cervivor School is a one-day event in San Antonio, TX. And, if you’re in London, we’re headed across the pond in December for our first international Cervivor School.

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