“The Fire Gets Stronger Every Day”: A Recurrence Hasn’t Stopped This Cervivor from Educating, Advocating and Story Sharing

Becky Wallace, a young mother from California, came to Cervivor School in September 2019 to learn how to fully and effectively share her story. Just two months later, she faced a cancer recurrence. Amid this devastating news, Becky has shown our community what it means to embody the “Cervivor Spark.” 

“It wasn’t meant for me to just to get cervical cancer, and wipe my hands of it and move on,” without making a meaningful difference in the story of the disease, without taking action to help prevent it for others, says Becky.

Surrounded by family and friends, Becky shaved her head as she headed into chemo. “I shaved my head on a Sunday and woke up Monday with a whole new focus and whole new mindset. Ever since, I have this new fight in me and the fire gets stronger and stronger each day. I share my story so that this doesn’t have to be your story. Cervical cancer is something that is preventable and it is my job as a mom, a wife, friend, daughter and advocate to really put it out there.” 

See our powerful video of Becky finding and sharing her Cervivor Spark. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog featuring an interview with Becky who, in the midst of chemo, recently hosted an educational event at her home, speaking about her experiences, and calling on the women in her life and in her community to keep up with screening and vaccination.  

Becky understands the power of our stories to educate and to mobilize women to take action. If you haven’t yet shared your story on Cervivor.org, add your own!

Remembering Holly Lawson

Today we are remembering a shining light within our community, Holly Lawson. 

Holly Lawson at Cervivor School 2017 Delray Beach, Florida

Holly elevated our Cervivor community with her fierce commitment to making sure her voice was heard. She never wavered in her advocacy and she always lifted others in the process. She connected with and inspired so many that we felt it important to share those memories today.

Holly Lawson 1978 – 2020

Holly’s Southern charm made her so likable and approachable; she naturally drew you in and captivated you with her activism towards making this world better. She worked hard to expand Cervivor’s reach, always knowing that the power of our collected stories made a difference. She mentored many in our community and always said that Cervivor gave her story ‘wings’.   

HPV Roundtable: https://cervivor.org/the-national-hpv-vaccination-roundtable-2018/

One thing Holly never shied away from was sharing the true realities of cancer and cancer side effects. She was always her authentic self and her voice and messages resonated with so many. 

“I want my story and even my pain to inspire others.” 

Holly Lawson

Holly & Dilators: https://cervivor.org/dilators-after-cervical-cancer/

Cancer Broke My Cup: https://cervivor.org/cancer-broke-my-cup/

As we take time today to remember our friend and fellow advocate, we do so with equal parts joy and sorrow. Joy for what Holly gave us while she was here. Joy for all that we carry in our hearts and in our mission. And sorrow for knowing that cervical cancer continues to take our sisters, friends, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, our loved ones.

Holly left us a legacy of inspiration and dedication to ending cervical cancer that we will carry forward. Please share your memories of Holly with us.