Remembering Becky

The Cervivor community has again felt a great loss. Today we honor and remember Cervivor Ambassador Becky Wallace.

Becky held such kindness for everybody she met; so giving and generous of herself no matter her personal struggles, she always cheered others on.

“It wasn’t meant for me to just get cervical cancer and wipe my hands of it and move on; without making a meaningful difference in the story of the disease, without taking action to help prevent it for others.” – Becky Wallace

She was fierce. A mama bear. And after finding Cervivor, she knew her existence. She wanted other mothers to know her story, and that their well-being was as important as their families. She found a home within the Cervivor community too.

We are sending our light and love to Becky’s husband Ryan, their beautiful daughters and all her family and friends.

Remembering Grace

It is with our deepest sympathy we announce the passing of community member Grace Chantiam Bracci.

Grace found our organization in 2020 – the year she deemed the three C Year: Covid, Cancer, and Other Crap.

She immediately immersed herself in sharing her story. 

She was willing to share in any way to prevent others from going through what she had and later continued to go through. She wanted to advocate up until her final breath.

Grace was a bright light who brought sass and humor with her to lift the heaviness the community deals with every day.

She loved admitting she was a Star Wars nerd. She made sure to tell us her wedding was scheduled for 5/4/20 but due to the pandemic she had to reschedule it.

The world seems a little dimmer today and we know Grace will be missed so dearly in this community. 

One of the last things she said to us was, “Thank you to Cervivor for providing me with exactly what I needed during this last year, to let me know I wasn’t alone and supporting me through all of this.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Grace’s son, partner, extended family and friends and our entire Cervivor community. We know how much each of you meant to her.

Join us is remembering Grace.

Read Grace’s Cervivor Story, her interview with Alberta Cancer Foundation and from her personal blog.

If you wish to assist in supporting Graces last wishes, which included her dream for Alexander to have a family visit to Disney World, the family welcomes any support via e-transfer to [email protected].