Squeezing It All In: Advocating on LIVE TV

By Cervivor Ambassador Heather

IMG_9008Recently, fellow Cervivor Ambassador, Melissa B., and I had the opportunity to do some advocacy work on a local TV show, and it was LIVE! It was our first time being on live TV, and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Everything happens so fast — you show up, wait until they call you to the set, seconds later you’re on the air, and minutes later you’re done, whisked away to get your belongings and be on your way!

We knew in advance that the focus would be around Cervivor Ambassador Danielle’s lovely Disney Princesses, but, aside from that, we went in pretty blind.  There was no time to meet with the show host beforehand. We didn’t even know what she’d ask or how the segment would flow.

How did we get the important messages in? We did as much in advance as we could. We knew what we wanted our talking points to be, and we manipulated the conversation the best we could to focus on our intended messages.

WATCH HERE >>> http://wishtv.com/2016/02/16/disney-princess-campaign-brings-cervical-cancer-awareness/

Chatting with Danielle beforehand allowed us to get some talking points about the Disney Princesses from her point of view. In a way, we were there representing her and illustrator Maritza Lugo – so we wanted their perspective. As ambassadors, we were also there representing Cervivor. Therefore, we made sure to speak to some of the pillars of Cervivor’s mission: sharing our stories, giving factual and impactful information, and advocating for women to advocate for themselves in order to help eradicate cervical cancer. We knew what we wanted to say and knew we had to be quick. We adapted our responses to the host’s questions to fit our agenda the best that we could. It’s a bit ironic that even though live TV is somewhat unpredictable, we still had control of our responses. We listened for small details and hooks within her questions that we could grasp on to and use as leverage into what messages we wanted give.

It was quick, it was fun, and we made the most of the time we had.  Every little bit helps our cause!

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