Fit Tips to Maintain, Not Gain, During the Holiday Season 

Participants in our  Survivor Slimdown challenge this past fall have been swapping tips on how to maintain and not gain weight over the holiday season. A few nuggets to share: 

  • Never go to a party hungry. Keep pre-portioned healthy snacks handy so you don’t show up starving at your neighbor’s annual holiday shindig. Keep some in your purse to replace some of the high calorie/high fat foods at holiday parties. 
  • Bring a healthy dish to share when you are heading to a party. It will be (a little) less difficult to avoid the cheese log and peppermint cookies if you know you have some satisfying food options for yourself. 
  • Plan active time with family and friends. Who says socializing always has to happen around a kitchen table? Catch up with your sister-in-law and cousins on a walk or hike. Family walks are a great way to socialize and bond! 
  • Schedule workout sessions into your busy holiday calendar. You keep your work and personal appointments with other people, right? So consider your workout an appointment with your health. (Book classes for the added accountability!)
  • Be kind to yourself. Remember – a well-nourished, healthy body is something to have gratitude for, even if that means your particular body stores fat in areas you’d prefer it didn’t.

Get Ready for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in January

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (#CCAM). While we at Cervivor are educating and advocating 365 days a year, January presents us a unique opportunity to plug into the visibility of the month. Or frankly, to be proactive in giving the month visibility and ensuring that activities are happening in our communities! What are things you can do? Here are a few suggestions to kick off your planning for January:

  1. Host a cervical cancer survivor meet-up in your local area or speak with your local OB/GYN or cancer clinic about hosting a gynecologic cancer/cervical cancer support group.
  • Encourage New Year’s resolutions to keep up with annual women’s health exams, Pap testing and HPV testing. Encourage mom of teens and tweens to get their children the HPV vaccine. 
  • Schedule speaking opportunities by checking online for upcoming health fairs at local community centers or places of worship. Contact local women’s groups. Arrange to have a table to share information about cervical cancer prevention. 
  • Plan a fundraiser, awareness walk or “PAP Rally.” Start a treadmill challenge or steps counting challenge in January to encourage women to think about their health in 2020. 
  • Plan a Wear Teal & White Tuesday among your office or community to promote cervical cancer awareness and prevention. 
  • Spread the word on social media via your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your blog. Re-tweet, like and share others’ posts throughout the month to amplify their messages too. Our friends at the American Sexual Health Association have some posters and pre-written social media posts that are easy to share. Coming soon: our own customized Cervivor #CCAM social media toolkit.