Our Favorite Things This Giving Season

Cervivor would like to thank each and every one of our generous donors who sent a gift of support during Giving Tuesday! Your generosity and kindness continue to make this organization thrive. 

If you missed us, no worries! The giving season is still upon us and there are plenty of ways you can support our community outreach programming:

Donate to our NEW Cervivor Book Club

That’s right! We’re starting a book club and we hope that you’ll help support this initiative by donating the books from our Amazon Wish List here.

Do you have a gently used copy of the books on our list that’s taking up space? Email us to find out how to donate to our programming!

Sponsor a Limited Edition Self-Care Box

We have a small quantity of boxes that were carefully curated by Team Cervivor available through the Cervivor Shop. They feature products created by cervical cancer survivors in our community. These boxes were specifically designed for cervical cancer patients and survivors and will make the perfect gift for the holidays! Interested in sponsoring a box? Send us an email at [email protected]!

Join our Virtual Pap Rally & Run 

It’s back! The Virtual Pap Rally & Run will be starting January 1st and will go through January 29th in honor of Cervivor’s 18th birthday. To join, create a team, join a team, or become a team of one. Create a goal that you choose; just make sure it has a version of the number 18 in it. Post your pictures on our Facebook event page while putting your personal goal into action or tag us on your social media platforms – wearing your teal and white is a bonus. To learn more about the event or create or join your own team, visit our race page here. Download and share the event flyer with your friends, family, cancer centers, gyms, churches, etc.

Become a Monthly Donor

Replace a coffee once a month with a $5 donation (or more). Your donation will go towards grassroots organizing and program support by providing funds for printing, postage, and support bag materials to help cervical cancer patients and survivors to connect in their local communities so no one has to feel alone. 

This year, shop, donate, and volunteer with purpose. Every gift that is presented to Cervivor directly impacts the community of cervical cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers.

Supporting The Pink While Wearing Teal & White

As cervical cancer survivors, we advocate to bring more awareness to cervical cancer and all gynecologic cancers. Our cancers do not have the same visibility as breast cancer but there was a time when breast cancer was not even talked about, let alone celebrated.

Carol participating in the NFL Crucial Catch Campaign alongside her friend and breast cancer survivor.

Today, breast cancer awareness is everywhere and some people don’t remember a time before all the pink. But I am over 50 and I do remember when the women in my family talked in hushed voices about a friend who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Those hushed voices are what I still hear today when others talk about cervical, or dare we say vaginal cancer.

But what is most important to remember is that all of these cancers are women’s cancers. They all can take away body parts we feel make us women – breasts, reproductive organs, cervixes, vaginas. Then we are left with redefining what it means to be a woman, what makes us whole again. And this is not easy. Our cancers are devastating. They leave lifelong scars and pain physically and emotionally that sometime never heals. As women, we fight hard every day for equality; to have a seat at the table, to be heard and we should be able to look to each other for support, especially when it comes to our bodies. Today, more than ever, is the time to come together and advocate for women’s health. Every month. Every day.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and I will do my part to support my friends and loved ones who lives have been forever changed by this disease. These same friends support me now and come January when my social media feeds becomes Cervivor teal & white, they will be there sharing my story and the stories of my Cervivor tribe.

Note: The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends starting yearly mammograms at age 40 for those at average risk of developing breast cancer. If you are at higher risk, ask your healthcare provider what tests are right for you.

Carol Lacey is a 7-year cervical cancer thriver and Cervivor Ambassador. She lives in Northern California where she raised two amazing humans, shares a home with her CervivorMan and their two fur babies. Read her Cervivor story here.